Lotus Type 50 - Elan +2
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Modified Cars

Drophead Conversions

  • So far as I can tell the factory never got around to producing a drophead prototype +2, but a number of after market conversions were 
  • Someone has attempted to build a Targaoffered. Hexagon of Highgate may have converted a small number, but the most frequently encounteredversions are those performed by Christopher Neil Sportscars.
    CTC ( The Classic Transport Company) made some convertibles in thne early 80's.
    The CTC roof (3rd photo) looks sleeker than the CN version.
  • Maybe as many as one hundred of these conversions are out there somewhere and they look quite impressive. Another firm, Classic Transport Company offred a conversion for a while, but how many were converted is anyone's guess.
 A nice CN drophead conversion ...   
... but that CTC looks a sleeker roof that the CN version.
(Sorry, I have no better picture)
Someone has attempted to build a Targa

Estate Cars

  • There are references to at least two factory produced estate car variants, one of which is pictured in 1972, in the Chris Harvey book Lotus, the Elite, Elan and Europa, but what has become of the cars is not known. Drop me a line if you have one of them parked in your garage or stored in your back garden.
A nice conversion spotted at the Lotus 60th celebration in 2008

The Lotumph

  • At this year's Donington show David Smith was there with a much modified +2.Featuring a lengthened Spyder chassis to accommodate a six cylinder Triumph engine, this car has a re-modelled front end with what appear to be E front wings joined by a GT6 bonnet. I gather that David purchased the car in this modified form and I can only assume the previous owner was some sort of genetic scientist as he has created the nearest thing to Dolly the Sheep with four wheels. Have a look at the pictures below and see what you think. In its favour, it makes access to the engine much easier if the front hinges forward in this way. 
  • The same car a few years later, this time with a Rover V-8
The much modified front end of the car is much in evidence on these pictures.

Minor Modifications

  • Mirrors
Note the non standard mirrors fitted.
  • Sun roof fittings

Again, the factory does not seem to have offered a sunroof as an option, but is a frequently encountered aftermarket modification.

If you look at the pictures of the car above you can see the Webasto type roof which virtually opens up the car. Under the fabric cover is a sliding grill.
  • More recent sunroof conversions include the pop up type with tinted glass, as shown here.

Vinyl roofing

  • More recent sunroof conversions include the pop up type with tinted glass, as shown here. Vinyl Roof coverings The silver roof finish which distinguished the later big-valve cars did not always retain its finish as time wore on an a number were recovered with a vinyl covering. Quite a few production cars of the time had this type of covering, so its not as strange an idea as it might seem now. Two variations on the vinyl roof theme, one in black and one in brown. If you look carefully at the yellow car below, you will see a most unusual accessory for a +2, it has a tow bar!



Motor sports

  • Like his little brother, but to a lesser extent, the +Plus2 is used for racing ...
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